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A Dog’s Purpose-2017 Online Watch and Download



A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.
Director: Lasse Hallström
Writers: W. Bruce Cameron (novel), Cathryn Michon (screenplay)
Stars: Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad | See full cast & crew »

Dog-centered tearjerker” is not a movie genre I find myself searching very often. But good golly, this trailer had me wanting to see more — and it wasn’t just the warm, empathic voiceover (Josh Gad) for the lovable Golden Retriever (frankly, I think we are all fascinated by what animals actually think when we talk to them in our stupid pet-owner voices). Rather, this movie reminds us how dogs are more than just pets to be walked and fed and massaged; they fill crucial roles in the lives of their owners.

PETA won’t lets W. Bruce Cameron — author of the book “A Dog’s Purpose” and co-screenwriter of the controversial film — off the hook after he asserted that no dogs were harmed during the shoot.

Cameron, in a statement issued Friday, said the commentary accompanying TMZ’s leaked video of a German Shepard had mischaracterized the incident. He also questioned the motives of those who shot and edited the video for waiting 15 months to do anything about it, instead of immediately going to the authorities.

“A Dog’s Purpose” opens Jan. 27. PETA called for a boycott on Wednesday, resulting in Universal and Amblin Entertainment calling off the movie’s Jan. 21 premiere. On Saturday, the group issued a blistering attack on Cameron.

“It takes a cold heart not to find this footage disturbing, so PETA asks whether ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ was written from the heart or just to make a buck,

Dennis Quaid with a different canine companion in A Dog’s Purpose.

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